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- Me -

Born and raised in Southern California, I moved  to Atlanta, Georgia in 1985.  I was intrigued by the beauty industry and during my senior year of high school while working under an amazing lady, I decided this was for me.  Thus started my education, my mentorship and passion.  Over the last 3 decades, I have taken countless classes, continued education in order to keep up to date and bring you the best possible experience. I am an Educator for Nail Masters Canada and welcome opportunities to mentor and teach as they arise.

 - Commitment -

I am committed to offering the highest quality products in each and every service.  I take my time as a good set of nails is a work of art.  My goal is to preserve the health of your natural nail and give you stunning enhancements. I am always looking for new innovative ideas for art and will try just about anything your imagination can throw at me.


- Quality -


When you come in, you will find a welcoming relaxed salon experience where we get to create and build friendships.  You can be confident that what is said in the salon, stays in the salon.  You can sing, talk, vent, laugh or cry with me.  I am passionate about people and the work that I do and want each person to leave feeling a bit lighter with a smile on their face.


Here at Just Imagine Nail Design, we build business with our hands, and relationships with our hearts.


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